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  • Kiss You (Acosta Breaks remix)
  • At the End (Midnite Radio Edit)

Ride the bike like it's on clear water
Leave speed behind, fill it with adrenaline
Medals made of gold not silver
Challenge the races that others can't win

Audit me, however you may want
I own a slang
That you'll never pronounce
Wild-child like you wouldn't know

Young reckless offspring
That's out of control
Blasting me up, up, up, I go
Rebel, am I? Who me? Oh no

That's how a rebel speaks
While all the others tweak
That's how a rebel walks
While all the others talk

To be among the bonafide trail blazers
Gotta jump in, no wetting your feet
Lead in ferocious spaces, cowards can sleep
While you swallow your feast
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